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Nominations for 2024 Executive Board members will be open from September 15 through September 30, 2023.  While all 2024 Offices are open for nominations, the Club will need a couple of members to fill the offices of President and Secretary.  Our current President and Secretary need some time off... please consider helping your Club by stepping up to fill these positions!

IF YOU WISH TO PROPOSE A CLUB DRIVE OR EVENT, please send your proposal to the LVMOC Event Coordinator (currently Ken Hill).  The procedure for doing this can be viewed HERE.

To become a member of the Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club, please click HERE for information.  Also, you must register as a member of this forum to sign up for LVMOC events!  To become a member of the Forum, please click HERE (BEING A FORUM MEMBER DOES NOT MAKE YOU A MEMBER OF LVMOC). 

For Prospective (and Current) Club Drive Leaders - Please read or review the Club's guidelines for planning and leading a driving event.  These documents are accessible to Members in this forum, under "Future Drive and Event Development".    They can be accessed via this LINK .




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