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[Closed] Presidential Campaign Ad

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(Soft music in background. Obviously YOUR favorite song).

(Camera fades into focus on your Miata).

(Voice over of Louie Draxler,  your Club President begins:

"Look at your beautiful car! Just sitting there, lonely; looking for friends. As your Club President,  I won't let this continue.  Because, here, at LVMOC,  we let our cars play and sing together. 

Yes, you may belong to a club already... chess club, bridge club, heck, maybe even Fight Club! But we won't talk about that... You see, this is a car club. And this is the most important Club you could belong to! This Club gets you out of the house, teaches your car to play well with others, and most importantly,  makes you a better car person. 

When you cast you vote for me, you really are doing it for the world. I am here to lead your favorite Club for another year. Yes... a new year of Miata Adventures! Miata Lunches! And by cream".


This ad was created by, and endorsed by Louie Draxler

2014 Club 2.5L "Punisher Edition", 2017 RF GT

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