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Great Installation of Miata Rooftop

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I was looking to install a new top on ZOOMBIE, my '91 NA.  The previous top's window fell out after 14 good years of service.  I checked around and all the usual players were tied up for months, but a repair shop in Flemington suggested I call Bill Faucett, an auto upholstery man also located in Flemington.  Bill was just 2 miles from my home, so I called him and he said he could do the job right away.

I came to his shop when the top arrived and he quoted me $400 for the installation.  I left the car with him that day.  In taking the old top off Bill found the prior installation had issues, with the rain rail not being improperly installed 14 years earlier and some attachments not connected allowing some rust to form.  Bill removed the rust and painted the metal, then installed the new top and rain rail exactly as directed by Robbins.

While working on the top, Bill also noticed some spots of my black Katzkin seats where they were showing wear.  He redyed the worn spots (applying the dye 4 times to thoroughly penetrate the leather).  Once done the car was ready to be collected.  

When I arrived he showed me all the work, and it was perfect.  The top moves easily and seals properly.  He said he loved working on the Miata, and when I asked what the final bill was he stuck to his original $400 quote.  Realizing the effort he made and the quality of his work I gave him a 50% tip.  

I strongly recommend Bill for any and all Miata owners.  If you need top work or upholstery repair, here is his contact info:

Bill Faucett                                                                                                                                     685 Route 12, Flemington, NJ 08822 (at the Kovi Towing facility)                                                Mobile Phone:  (609) 977-4842


Tell him Alan Kalish sent you.



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Thanks for the info, Alan, I will keep him in mind!