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NC oil / trans/ diff fluid change

Miata Mike
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I ran across an article today with a good explanation (with pictures which is always nice) on changing the oil, trans and diff fluids on an NC.  I had my trans and diff fluids recently done when I had my clutch replaced. 

The trans fluid (went with the Ford special stuff) really improved shifting smoothness). The mechanic noted that the diff fluid didn't look good and glad I got that changed.

For reference: My car is an 06 with 80K miles.

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Once I get a proper garage, changing these fluids is high on my priority list.  For all of my petrol kids. I must say, I look forward to doing some of these things again. 

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Mike C
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After reading horror stories about ND1 transmission failures I decided to change my RF's transmission oil at 30k miles rather than wait until the recommended 60k miles.  I changed the differential oil at the same time, just because.

There was nothing unusual about the oil that drained from either unit, but I feel better knowing it was done.  Call it cheap insurance.

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