NC battery question
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NC battery question

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I drove my 2012 last Friday and it started without a problem.  When I went to drive it this past Thurs (6 days later, but after using the battery to inflate the tires) for the Lights Tour it cranked but wouldn't start. I had to jump it. It's now in my garage on a battery tender.  Although I haven't had the battery tested, I assume I need a new one since this is the original 9+ year old battery.

My question is whether to replace it now or wait until spring?  Aside from the Polar Bear Drive, the car mostly sits in the garage on a battery tender until spring.  I take it out occasionally on a nice day if the roads are salt free.  So, if I replace it now I'll still have to put it on a battery tender.

Thanks, Michele

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I would buy a new battery.  Yours is 9 years old. If you waited 3 months to buy a battery, What is 3 months in the big scheme of things? 

You want your car to start every time you turn the key. That will only be accomplished with a new battery.

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I agree with Lou.  Replace the battery now and then you know it will start if you ever want to go on an impromptu drive.

Be happy you got 9yrs!  I am relpacing the 2.5yr old batteries in our daughter's Jeep this week. 🤬 

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Hi Michele,

If your old NC battery can still be recharged, and if it will fit my old NB waiting to be sold this spring, then I’d be interested in buying it from you. The NB’s battery is not able to be regenerated, unfortunately.

If interested, can you tell me the battery size/model#, and if your ‘12 is the 1.8 or 2.0L?  



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