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Heading for new roads

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It is with sadness that I want to let everyone know I will be stepping down as President.  Angela and I are headed out towards Pittsburgh to remain close to our kids and granddaughter.  If all goes as planned, we will close on our house here on the 7th and move into our new house on the 14th.  The move came a bit out of left field as we thought they were going to stay in the Philly area but they opted to move to Pittsburgh.  I will miss the drives and the comradery of LVMOC.  It is hard to find a group of folks who are passionate about driving, friendly and accepting of new folks.  Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.        

Mike & Angela
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Mike, I am happy for you and Angela and your new endeavor in the Pittsburgh area. However, I will miss your presence in our LVMOC events. It was a joy to see you step up as the President of our Club. I have enjoyed you attending so many of our Drives. I also know that Alison and John very much enjoyed your Pocono Drives together.

Wishing you the very best my friend. Hoping that our paths do cross again.


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We will certainly miss you, Mike!  Thanks for your willingness to serve as LVMOC President... during your brief term of service, you've been a valuable asset to the Executive Board!  I've enjoyed working, talking and driving with you, and I'm sad that your term is ending so quickly 😟.  I'll surely miss those drives along the nice roads in your region, over to Wallenpaupack, etc.

My best wishes to you and Angela in your new home!


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