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Daimler SP 250 story in "Remember Road" link

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I just read LVMOC member John Matras' interesting write-up about the Daimler SP 250 on his "Remember Road" website (see the LINK to that website, under "Sponsors & Links" in the Forum menu bar).  I remember that car from the early 1960s, primarily for its strange appearance (around that time, one of the editors of Road & Track magazine stated, "Give an Italian a piece of marble, and he'll create something beautiful from it; Give an Englishman a piece of fiberglass, and he'll do something very silly with it.")  What I did not know, until now, was the interesting and novel V-8 engine that Daimler used in the SP 250.  Unfortunately, as John writes, the engine was pretty much the only bright spot in the car... the chassis provided unpleasant handling and ride, the interior ergonomics were "strange", at best, and the styling... well, you'll have to look at John's photo in the article and judge that for yourself.

Thanks, John, for bringing back a memory long since forgotten.  I enjoy your glimpses into the early years of my automotive enthusiasm!


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Thank you for the plug. Much obliged.