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Before the Fiata...there was this

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Never knew about this one, some of you may have known about it though:

Alfa before Fiat?

Mike C
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I remember the rumors of an Miata-based Alfa Romeo, but it eventually became a Fiat.

Interesting that neither looks like the renderings in the R&T article.

The Alfa rendering is quite handsome, IMHO.  Too bad it didn't make it into production.

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Not really related but for the first time ever I saw a nice looking Fiata broken down on the side of the highway yesterday on the shoulder. Was there from afternoon til morning. 

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This article is dated 2012. They seemed to think Maxda would keep the muscular fender bulges, but sculpt everywhere else. They got the "everywhere else" pretty much.  The Alfa looks beautiful. I wonder why they decided to go Fiat. The Fiat has design cues that scream Fiat. It is a nice looking car, but not sexy. Maybe the Alfa would have sold better?  

Maybe not. The 4C was gorgeous.  I think I saw 2 on the road. Ever. I see more McClaren.

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Jim Turner
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Have to agree, that 2014 Miata-based Alfa concept is gorgeous, even after 7 years. I think I would choose that design over the current ND styling…

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