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Walter's Copperhead Grille Drive

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Copperhead Grille Lunch Drive

Join Walter for a 80 - plus mile weekday drive on Northampton and Bucks County roadways. Some of the roads are familiar oldies and others are new additions. This Drive will also be offered on a weekend in the near future.

We will gather at the Dairy Queen parking lot adjacent to the WAWA on 25th street, Easton. The WAWA provides fuel, breakfast snacks and a rest stop.

Our first leg of travel is approximately an hour and forty minutes in length and has us driving roads in the Morgan Hill region followed by roads in the Lower Saucon area and arriving at the Giant Food Store in Hellertown for a rest stop.

Our second leg of traveling is approximately an hour and forty minute drive and has us leaving Hellertown and heading South into the Bucks County region. We then head North to end our Drive at the Copperhead Grille on route 378 for lunch. The Copperhead offers both indoor and outdoor dining.

This event will follow the current Pennsylvania rules for COVID-19 safety.  To avoid common handling of materials, we will email the directions to participants, for home printing, and we will eliminate the usual paper sign-in sheet.  Since the sign-in confirms your agreement with LVMOC’s standard Waiver and Release, we will consider your post to this event thread, stating that you intend to participate, to be your “electronic” signature, indicating your agreement with said Waiver and Release (copy available on request).

We will use FRS radios for communications.

Date - Wednesday, May 31st

Gathering Place - Dairy Queen parking lot, 701 South 25th Street (adjacent to the WAWA)

Arrival Time - 9:30

Driver’s Meeting - 9:45

Departure Time - 10:00


  1. Walter
  2. Ron L.
  3. V.P. Neil
  4. John P
  5. Neil and Jennie
  6. Jordan W.
  7. Dave K.
  8. Doug H.
  9. Janice & David
  10. Ralph
  11. Jim T.
  12. Gail & Bill
  13. Randy

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A work schedule change arose today. Unfortunately will have to miss this drive. Need the job to pay for the car mods. 😀 

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Hey guys good run, perfect weather. I had to cut out earlier bc of a ridiculous amount of work this weekend. 

what’s funny is I’m actually performing at the Copperhead grille on Saturday at 6pm but it’s the Allentown one on airport road 

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Flying Dutchman
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Great drive, Walter... thanks!  As usual, you conjured up a combination of perfect weather and fun roads.  13 cars participating was a nice turnout for a mid-week event.  And, we welcomed our newest member, David Kendall, of Reading, on his first drive with the Club.  We hope to see you at more of our events, Dave 😊!

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Thanks for your kind words, Dave. As you know all too well, it is a joy to lead our Club Members on an 80 plus mile Drive. Along with all you described, this ride did offer a couple of curve balls. Our turn onto Peppermint Road which turned out to be closed presented a challenge. Google Maps came to the rescue in that situation. And as it turned out, the detour roads were more " Miata interesting " than Peppermint Road.

And then while leaving a stop sign and continuing on California Road, the front five Miatas run into Fire Trucks and several police vehicles with emergency lights flashing as they responded to a fire. I immediately was contacted by Janice only to hear the remaining Miatas were unable to proceed on California Road. Again, Google Maps and your familiarity with the area allowed for our group to regather and continue the Drive.

What an exciting time for our new member, David Kendall, to experience on his first Drive with our Club.


Flying Dutchman
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We often enjoy some "unscripted" adventures on many of our drives 🤪!

Silver 2011 NC PRHT Grand Touring (actually Janice's car)

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