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Nazareth Lives!! A New Drive!  

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30/10/2020 12:04 am  
Posted by: @ken-hill

What a great drive yesterday.  Thank you Jordan for putting it together for us.  Sorry to hear you need to quarantine.  I hope you do not get COVID.

I’m all good. They think it was a mild flu or something. Out of precaution I did stay in the house for about 9 days, and I feel fine actually a little better than usual. I love this time of year (November is my favorite month - just not the rain). 

Looking at upgrading my NDs exhaust and getting a rear strut brace. The car continues to amaze me with how balanced it is as a sports car and it’s fantastic fuel efficiency. Having 181 horsepower and pulling a low 14 in the 1/4 mile, it gets as good or better gas mileage than the Honda Fit 5 speed I had years ago, which had 106 horsepower and handled like a boat. Lol. The MPG and the telescopic steering, which is the first Miata to ever have that (starting in 2019) is wonderful.  Only issue is the paint is easily susceptible to chips, and I’ve read about Mazda repainting ND2s under warranty bc some are really bad. 

Glad to hear you guys liked the Nazareth drive!! I’ll be signing up for another one soon. I’ll have to check the schedule. 

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