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Drive to Lunch at The Steel Club, June 5 (FULL!)

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This was Drive #8 for the year!                         SORRY, THIS DRIVE IS FILLED!

When -          Sunday, June 5, 2022 (Reschduled from May 7)

                                 Arrive:                     10:00 a.m.

                                 Drivers' Meeting:   10:15 a.m.

                                 Depart:                   10:30 a.m. 

Where -        Wawa, 741 E. Broad St, Bethlehem, PA (Broad St & Stefko Blvd)                                                                                                      LOCATION 

Leader -  Walter Cramer

This is the re-scheduled May 7 drive, which was postponed due to rain.  NOTE: If you wish to attend on this new date, you must again post a reply to this new thread!!  There will be no automatic carry-forwards. 

The route will meander over a pleasant blend of touring roads and our beloved Miata roads in Northampton and Bucks Counties. The first leg of travel will be 47 miles in approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, ending at the Giant Foods store in Coopersburg for our rest stop.  Our second leg of travel has us driving 38 miles in approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and arriving at The Steel Club in Hellertown for lunch, hopefully on the outdoor patio.

Please let Walter know if you will be staying for lunch!!

Note that it is IMPERATIVE that folks attending bring CASH as the Steel Club does not accept credit cards.

We will use FRS radios for communication.

This event will follow the current Pennsylvania rules for COVID-19 safety.  To avoid common handling of materials, we will email the directions to participants, for home printing, and we will eliminate the usual paper sign-in sheet.  Since the sign-in confirms your agreement with LVMOC’s standard Waiver and Release, we will consider your post to this event thread, stating that you intend to participate, to be your “electronic” signature, indicating your agreement with said Waiver and Release (copy available on request).


  1. Walter & Nancy
  2. Alison (Lunch x 1)
  3. Louie & Corrina (Lunch x 2)
  4. Joe & Tina (Lunch x 2)
  5. Bryan & Lisa (Lunch x 2)
  6. Ron L. (Lunch x 1)
  7. Annette & Jim (Lunch x 2)
  8. Ken & Evan (Lunch x 2)
  9. Janice & David (Lunch x 2)
  10. Michele (Lunch x 1)
  11. Jay (No lunch)
  12. Celia & Warren (Lunch x 2)
  13. Kelly & Neil (Lunch x 2)
  14. Gail & Bill (Lunch x 2)
  15. Greg & Steph (Lunch x 2)
  16. GerriG & AnnG (Lunch x 2)
  17. JerryB & Wanda (Lunch x 2)
  18. Mike P. & brother (No Lunch)
  19. Rich K. & Guest (Lunch x 2)
  20. Kerry & Tracey H. (Lunch x 2)
  21. Jacqueline T. (No lunch)
  22. John P. (Lunch x 1)
  23. Jeff and Haley (No Lunch)
  24. Doug (No lunch)
  25. Tami & Dan (Lunch x 2)
  26. Jon P. (Lunch ???)
  27. Fred & Sara (Lunch x 2)

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Thank you for those kind words. Always a joy leading drives for this group of Miata enthusiasts. So many folks to thank that made this an enjoyable day. To my Tail, the awesome twosome, Janice and Dave and to all in my group that gave input on their FRS. 

We would not have nearly as much fun driving today if Corrina and Louie were not able to lead a group. Thank You and well done. And a thank you to Ken and Evan for agreeing to be their tail.

It was also a joy to meet some new faces today . From what I saw and heard, they not only enjoyed their first Drive with our Club, they felt welcomed and accepted. 

Looking forward to more fun in the future.

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Thanks Walter and Nancy for yet another great day in the Miata. Attached is a picture of the view from classy Steel Club. 

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You are welcome, Alison. Always a joy to be with you.

Loved your photo. You certainly captured a classic photo at the Steel Club. No wonder so many people sign up for the Steel Club Lunch Drive.

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