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Amanda's Riverside Cafe Lunch Drive (Mid-Week)

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When -          Wednesday, August 3, 2022

                                 Arrive:                     9:15 a.m.

                                 Drivers' Meeting:   9:30 a.m.

                                 Depart:                   9:45 a.m. 

Where -        Dairy Queen, 701 South 25th Street, Easton, PA (next to Wawa)                                                                                                      LOCATION 

Leader -  Walter Cramer

Join Walter for a weekday Drive on a blend of our beloved Pennsylvania and New Jersey Miata roads and Touring roads.  In NJ, we will drive the roadways of Warren and Hunterdon Counties.  We will cross the Delaware River, to return into Pennsylvania, at Frenchtown, NJ.  We immediately arrive at Amanda’s Riverside Cafe, on the shore of the Delaware River, for a 1:30 p.m. lunch reservation. 

There are two options for the drive back to the Lehigh Valley.  As we have already traveled approximately 82 miles in two and a half hours before lunch, you may want to take the direct route home.  If so, follow routes 32 and 611 North and you will arrive in the Easton area.  For those who have not had enough driving on curvy roads, you can follow Walter via the Miata roadways of Bucks and Northampton Counties. We will end up at the traffic light at Morgan Hill Road and route 78.  The final leg of travel is 38 miles and takes approximately an hour and twenty minutes.

Please let Walter know if you will be staying for lunch at Amanda's Riverside Cafe!!

We will use FRS radios for communication.

This event will follow the current Pennsylvania rules for COVID-19 safety.  To avoid common handling of materials, we will email the directions to participants, for home printing, and we will eliminate the usual paper sign-in sheet.  Since the sign-in confirms your agreement with LVMOC’s standard Waiver and Release, we will consider your post to this event thread, stating that you intend to participate, to be your “electronic” signature, indicating your agreement with said Waiver and Release (copy available on request).


  1. Walter
  2. John P. Lunch x 1)
  3. Jim T. (Lunch x 1)
  4. Charlie C. & Deb (Lunch x 2)
  5. Jordan, maybe...
  6. Janice & David (Lunch x 2)
  7. Rich K. (Lunch x 1)
  8. A-town Ron L & Nancy (No lunch)
  9. Michele (Lunch x 1)
  10. Gail & Bill (Lunch x 2)
  11. Hatfield Ron L (Lunch x 1)
  12. AAA (Lunch x 1)
  13. Fred & Amanda (Lunch x 2)
  14. Tom H. (Lunch x 1)
  15. Doug (No lunch)

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Walter, thanks again for another great ride. You are a "twisty road savant" or something, I don't know, but you manage find really good ones!

Amanda and I were happy to oblige regarding tail responsibilities - thanks for trusting us 🙂 

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Thanks, Walter... a fun drive, and a good lunch!  And, you found some more twisty Bucks County roads that were new to me 😲!  I'll have to explore a bit more in that area.

Silver 2011 NC PRHT Grand Touring (actually Janice's car)

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Thanks again, Walter.  Another excellent run.  Made my tires squeal at one of those turns!  Sorry I was late to the party.

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Thanks to Walter for another fantastic drive!

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