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SCCA 2023 Track Nights in America schedule

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The SCCA has announced its 2023 schedule for "Track Nights in America".  In our area, Pocono Raceway will host events on April 20, May 16, June 13, July 6, August 9 and September 12, and New Jersey Motorsports Park will host events on April 26, May 24, June 21, July 19, August 16 and September 20.  For information, click HERE.

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I'm registered for the April 20th event in the Advanced run group! This first event is a good opportunity to test-n-tune all the improvements you have installed over the off season. I'll be the ONLY Competition Yellow NC Miata in the garage so stop on by to say hi. And remember a squealing tire is a happy tire!!! 


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For those interested, DO check out the convertible and helmet policy especially if you're pre-2006 and have thoughts about NJMP.

At Pocono in April, they are running a the North/South course rich runs counter-race (Nascar) from S/F through the infield twisty bits by T3 back out for T2 (tunnel) down most of the straight to the infield again before T1 for some quick esses returning by pit out and the front straight.  

NJMP is well appointed with large paddock spaces.  The April event is at Lightning, which is short and fast with two uphill apex blind exit turns and a banked final turn.   Both the helmet and rollbar rules are more stringent.     


For those thinking of a little more, SCCA Wash DC region has their annual Competition School March 17-19 at the fantastic Summit Point Motorsports Park in WV of I-81.   Registration closes in 9 days.   Car rentals may still be available.  DC Region has one of the largest memberships and the MARRS Series is one of the top regional club programs in the country.  Summit has 4 tracks on site and there is always some variety of speed going on.  

The SSM Miata class is all NA's with average fields over 40 cars.  The events are broadcasted live and Miatae can be found in several run groups across all four generations.  Our area is home to a multi-time class champion in that class in addition to a national event winning SM class (NB) and T4 Miata team and shop, a many time national champion team/drivers for GT cars, and a recent national champion Mustang driver.  

Not sure about racing, but love being at the track?   Novice flagging school happens at the same time.  Get one of the best views of the action, free lunch, and the satisfaction of being part of the team that keeps the action going and the drivers safe.  Having done both, it can't be done without those caring individuals.

For competition with less specialized equipment and closer to home, our SCCA Philly region will host their Autocross novice school April 22 in Warminster.   The region has several national champions and runs a well organized program--as do nearby NE PA and Susquehanna regions.  

Speaking of those regions, they get to host some of the PA Hill Climb Assn events.   One of them is one of the oldest auto competition events in the country.   License and safety gear is required but I know there's been one or two LVMOC drives to the Pagoda climb in the past. 


Our spirited club drives are great and take us to many pieces of tarmac some of us didn't know existed (and ice cream places).   We often see clubs make a drive to a track to watch a little and even do parade laps at lunch.   As I started, if you're interested in a little more, there are several places and organizations that like minded folks like us can share our love of all things fast.  

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