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MOOD Bay 2 Beach Drive 2021

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Bay 2 Beach Drive 2021 - Sept. 11, 2021
13th Annual Bay to Beach Drive September 11

MOOD - Miata Owners On Delmarva announces its 13th Annual Bay To Beach Drive scheduled for Saturday, September 11, 2021. It's time to cross one more item from your bucket list by enjoying a Delmarva adventure.

We're very cognizant that this is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, which inspired our first Bay 2 Beach Drive and the veterans' shelter we support.

We are extremely grateful that in a topsy-turvy year when many auto events have been canceled, postponed or rescheduled that we can maintain continuity to our event, as we did last year. It is a Charity drive, and we benefit by being behind the wheel and helping others.

Miata owners in the Mid-Atlantic region, or beyond, are invited to participate. For logistics purposes we need to hear of your interest and plans ahead of time. Registrations for our guests will close at midnight on Labor Day, or earlier if all spaces are filled.

This drive always begins at a point on Chesapeake Bay water somewhere on Delmarva, and winds through backroads Delmarva to end in Ocean City. We cap it off by driving down the Ocean City boardwalk with police escort to the cheers of throngs on the beach, boards and balconies. Details concerning our starting point in Oxford, MD will be published here when we finalize the route; they’ll be posted then to aid those who may want to get lodgings for their visit.

Donations from participants go to Home of the Brave, a shelter in Delaware that helps returning veterans who are finding the transition back to civilian life challenging; our club provides a fixed sum match. Your check should be made to Home of the Brave Foundation; we suggest a minimum of $20.

One of our earlier routes is listed as one of the best Miata drives in the country in your Mazda MX-5 Enthusiast Owners Manual! It's on your bedside table, right? This year's route will be as memorable and will merit inclusion in a future Enthusiast Manual. We'll follow a series of Miata style backroads across the peninsula to finish in Ocean City, with a pit stop en route. In OC we'll drive the boardwalk and then dine at an outstanding seafood restaurant as we recap the day.

You will need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a Miata. Some details will be on our website as we get closer to the event (which isn't yet interactive, and is being revamped) or on our FB page (which is interactive). You can also check last year’s announcement here on for a variety of pics.

Contact: Andy Buchanan at to reserve a spot or with associated questions.


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