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New old-style tires for NA

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If you have driven an NA back in the day you’ll know why drivers made the comparison to Brit sports cars a natural. Part of the reason, we’re told, was the tires designed for it. Alas, those tires aren’t available. 

Oh, wait, now they are. I want a set.

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I want that red NA in the photo!!

My '93 NA may have been wearing Bridgestone SF-325s when I bought it in 1996 with about 27k miles on it... not sure.  The tires were sufficiently worn to the point where they were weren't good in the wet, so I soon replaced them with Dunlop somethings that the national Miata Club folks were raving about.  Bad choice... the Dunlops rode like an old Datsun pickup truck, increased my fuel consumption by 2 mpg and hummed like the snow tires we used to run in the '50s 😖.  I couldn't wait for them to wear enough to justify getting rid of them!  I replaced those with Michelin Pilot AS tires (not sure of the model), which were fine.  I never did try to find original Bridgestones.

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