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Back in Business - Miata Mighty Mods 2021

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Finally back on the road with my Miata mods which spanned 18 months. Initially started as a 1 month project to build my own carbon fiber steering wheel but with working for home, I figured I had a rare opportunity to customize my car to a large extent. See the links below and hopefully you see something you may want to tackle in the future as well:



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Awesome, Dave, can't wait to see this in person on the 13th.

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Wow, David, you've done a lot since the last time I saw the car a couple of years ago 😮!!  I'm looking forward to see it on 6/13!

David S.

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Jim Turner
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Wow - impressive!  Cool side mirror lights, too!

Jim T.

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Seeing that makes me miss NC PRHT GT so much. Ugh. Love it. But makes me sad. I miss my power hard top!

- Jordan White
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Do you have a library online of your different looks that you have done to your car? Each time I see your car, it looks very different.  It would be nice to see the many flavors of your car. It always looks pretty cool. I love the engine bay. You upped your game from the last time I saw it. I need to do some interior lighting now too...