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Nominations are now being accepted for the 2022 LVMOC Officers and Governor positions.  Nominations can be made through September 17, 2021, after which nominations will no longer be accepted.

Any paid member of LVMOC may nominate any other paid member for office.  Also, any paid member may nominate herself or himself for office.  Any member so nominated may accept or decline a nomination.

To nominate someone for a position, one must submit, via Private Message on this website, the nomination(s) to one or both of the appointed Judges of Election, who are Alison Schaefer ("Alisunshine") and Arnold Wang ("Alwang0185").  This is the only valid way to submit a nomination.  Please see the discussion about Private Messaging in the "Private Messaging Now Available" thread on this website LINK HERE .

The Judges will confirm that a nominee is a paid LVMOC member and is willing to accept the nomination, and they will add that nominee's name to the official listing under "Nominated for 2022".

If anyone wishes to announce their interest in any office, that can be done by adding a topic post under the "Election of 2022 Officers & Governor" forum category.

ALL 2022 OFFICES ARE OPEN FOR NOMINATONS!  Please don't hesitate to participate in this process!


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