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Alan Alan Alan
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10/01/2020 4:29 pm  

We have acquired 3 Seal Skin(TM) Supreme All Weather Outdoor Covers.  We've decided to keep one (for ZOOMBIE while he is in winter storage), but the other two we are selling.  One is small (i.e., Miata size) and one is medium (suitable for 4-door sedans, such as our Volvo S60).

Here is the text from Seal Skin Covers website (

"Seal Skin(TM) 5L Covers are the most powerful car covers available.  These covers provide all season indoor and outdoor protection.  Leveraging 5 impenetrable multi-layer fabrics, they offer unmatched strength and durability. The cover also features a fleece interior protecting your car's exterior finish.

- 10 year warranty     - 5 layers     - waterproof     - snow protection     - UV ray protection

- includes locking cable and storage bag

We bought these Seal Skin(TM) Supreme covers at $150 each (on sale from $350 each), so we were hoping to get $100 back for each of these two.  They are in perfect shape... only used once.

Let us know if you have any interest.

- Alan Alan Alan


ZOOMBIE and ZOOM B - Could it get any better?