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ISO 2004 NB Door Speakers

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Time to replace the original speakers - particularly the driver side one which only works when it feels like it!  Looking for something reasonable, would even consider stock speakers, and don't want to spend a arm and a leg for them.

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First of all, make sure it's the speaker that's not working.  When the driver's side door speakers in my '03 randomly quit working the problem turned out to be a failing head unit, not the speaker itself.  The random nature of the failure drove me crazy.  Well, OK, maybe a little more crazy.

I chose Clearwater speakers for my NB:

They cost an arm and TWO legs, but they sound wonderful and they're plug-and-play in the Miata.  I enjoyed listening to them whenever I drove the car and never regretted the expense.

My favorite source for car audio components in general has always been Crutchfield:

They have a pretty good selection, and they provide all the necessary adapters, connectors, instructions, etc, for a clean, hassle-free installation.

One caution: if your Miata has the Bose system your speaker selection may be limited.  If you don't have the Bose you should have no problem finding speakers.

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