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ISO 13-15 NC MT GT PRHT and Gently Used Miata

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New to the group.  Owned a 94 black/ tan na mt with the msss.  I’m interested in trying to locate a nc3.  Please advise on where to find a private sale.  Also looking for a Miata garage near Kennett Square.  Thanks so much!  

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If you want an automatic, there’s a ton. 

if you want a 6MT you may have to look and wait awhile. It’s difficult to find a manual in the NC3. Don’t know why. I think Mazda had too many autos left over and stuffed them in. You’ll find plenty of NC2 2009-2012 manuals though. 

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I have a 2012 grand touring prht with 55,000 miles and a 6 speed manual in very good condition if interested.