January, 2021 –

Randy & Wendy Rohl (Randywendyrohl)

Virginia Leach (bobleach)

Eric Hahn (Goddahavit)

February, 2021 –

Charlie Crown (CharlieC)

Chuck Peterson (CEPJR)

March, 2021 –

Carlos Rodrigues (carlos)

Jonathan Palsi (jp1)

April, 2021 –

Brian Wowak (Wowak)

Steve Pieces (xiosmx5)

Anthony Kovatch (Kovatch)

Jon Petty (Bogey1)

Patricia Reinhart (RoxyLula)

Sharon Hindle (Sharon H)

Denise Gorni (DeniseG)

May, 2021 –

Lori Greene (powergreene)

James Tompkins (sc2010miataprht)

Peter Bivona (Miata spyder)

Thomas Horvath (HTOM)

Zak Butcher (zakdoesit)

Kerry Hickok (NDBrasil)

June, 2021 –

Neil Quan (Neilque67)

Tim Lehr (t99em20)

Doug Haberbosch (Doug)

Walter Hutt, Jr. (Walt)

Wayner Puello (Wayner334)

David Warner (Spindrift)

July, 2021 –

Mark Baechle

Neil D’Andria (RedMann)

Kelly McKain

James Polles (HostileJava)

Ronald Lichtenwalner (Ronaldlee)

Greg DeRubis (Limitless17)

John Perez (Perez5759)

Aleksandr Petriy (alex11224)

Mark Franek

Philip Walker (Phil Walker)

August, 2021 –

Mike Purcell (94Mike)

Lynette Klinger (kidzrus13)

Ada Ruth Anthony

Don Pursel

Mike Pagotto (whybu1)

October, 2021 –

Matt Leiderman (elmeister)

Dave Rozzelle (mmm def)

Ronald Mills

And returning members who have been “absent” for over 1 year:

Jason McCully (Eng_Teach)

Jim Oxenreider (Jim oxenreider)

Bruce Badger (PennBruce)

Mike Weil (Miata Mike)

Amy Miller Cohen (AMC)

David Yeboah (solariszone)

Yuko Hayakawa (Greenbean)

Gary Fuchs (gfphoto)

Fred Miller (FredM)

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