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Ken Hill
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Date - Tuesday, June 25th
Gathering Place - Dairy Queen parking lot, 701 25th Street (adjacent to the WAWA), Easton
Arrival Time - 9:00
Driver’s Meeting - 9:15
Departure Time - 9:30

Join Walter for a 80 - plus mile weekday drive on Northampton and Bucks County roadways. Some of the roads are familiar oldies and others are new additions. If you attended either of my View at Morgan Hill or my Steel Club Drives, you may remember some of the roads we will be traveling. They are fun Miata roads and the Copperhead Grill offers fine dining. This Drive will also be offered on a weekend in the near future.
We will gather at the Dairy Queen parking lot adjacent to the WAWA on 25th street, Easton. The WAWA provides fuel, breakfast snacks and a rest stop.
Our first leg of travel is approximately an hour and forty minutes in length and has us driving roads in the Morgan Hill region followed by roads in the Lower Saucon area and arriving at the Giant Food Store in Hellertown for a rest stop.Our second leg of traveling is approximately an hour and forty minute drive and has us leaving Hellertown and heading South into the Bucks County region. We then head 
North to end our Drive at the Copperhead Grille on route 378 for our 1:00 lunch reservation. The Copperhead offers both indoor and outdoor dining. 

Please indicate whether or not you will be staying for Lunch.

Your registration in this Forum thread confirms your agreement with LVMOC’s standard Waiver and Release, and we will consider your post to this event thread, stating that you intend to participate, to be your “electronic” signature, indicating your agreement with said Waiver and Release (copy available on request).

We will use FRS radios for communications.


  1. Walter - 1
  2. John Pitino - 1
  3. Doug Brittain - 1
  4. Joe Ahiff - 1
  5. Tony Bauer - 1
  6. Dave Kendall - 1
  7. Peter Carpino - 1
  8. Ralph and Becky Fenner - 2


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Ken Hill
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I will be there thank you😎

2022 Miata GT

Dougie B
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Count Dougie B in with lunch

Joe & Tina
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Joe-1 and lunch

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Please add Tony B WITH LUNCH.

Dave K.
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Hi Walter- Count me in x1 for ride and lunch. Thanks, Dave

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I will be joining you on Tuesday and staying for lunch.  Looking forward to my first drive with the club.  Thx.  Peter Carpino

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Please add Ralph and Becky...

Lunch for 2. 👍