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                     REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!  SORRY...

                           THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE!

WHEN:         Saturday, May 21, 2022   12:00 Noon – 3:30 p.m.

WHERE:        Louise Moore Park, Pavilion #5 (Eastern side of Country Club Rd)

                       151 Country Club Road

                       Easton, PA   LOCATION  (Near intersection of PA Rte 33 & US Rte 22)

Dust off your Miatas and bring them out to the annual LVMOC CarBQue!  There is plenty of room to display your cars while you enjoy a picnic-style lunch, become re-acquainted with old friends and meet new friends.  This will be a FREE event, for the enjoyment of our members 😍!  It is open to LVMOC members and their guests.  The Club has done this in the past, but it hasn't been able to do so for quite a few years... now, we want to show our appreciation for the loyalty of our members!

The registration cutoff for this event is Tuesday, May 17, at 8 p.m.  This will allow time for us to purchase the necessary food and refreshments. 

We will serve burgers, hot dogs, potato, macaroni and fruit salads, bottled & canned water, soft drinks & teas.  Attendees are welcome to bring a dessert item to share with others, such as cookies, cupcakes (Annette, we're looking at you, here... 😉), etc.  We have an alcoholic beverage permit; you may bring beer, wine, etc. for your personal consumption.  (No, Justin, we're not "throwing a kegger" 😝!)

An approximate timetable for the afternoon's activities:

12:30 p.m. - General Membership Meeting.  The Club's Bylaws state that we must have a General Membership Meeting at least once a year.  Not to worry, though... we'll keep it short!.

1:15 p.m. - FOOD!

2:00 - 3:00 p.m. - Prospective Drive Leaders' Seminar and Open Discussions

3:00 p.m. - Drawing and 50/50 raffle

The Club will again host its annual Garage Sale / Swap Meet, where you can display your excess Miata parts and accessories to swap or sell.  A few ground rules for this are:

  • To participate, you must be a paid 2022 LVMOC member
  • All items must be Miata-related
  • You will be responsible for watching your stuff
  • All sales transaction will be strictly between the seller and the buyer
  • All items must be clearly tagged with your name and price, if applicable
  • You are responsible for removing all remining items from the Park at the end of the CarBQue
  • LVMOC is not responsible for any losses you may incur


  1. David & Janice
  2. Annette & Jim
  3. Ken & Evan
  4. Mike C.
  5. Alisunshine
  6. Michele
  7. JerryB & Wanda
  8. Randy & Wendy
  9. Celia & Warren
  10. Iva
  11. Rob & Ginny L.
  12. Tony B. & Susan
  13. John P.
  14. Beth & Gary
  15. Jon P. ("JP")
  16. Jon P.
  17. Gerryg & Anng
  18. Ron L.
  19. Louie and Corrina
  20. Tony K and Will
  21. Justin and Tara
  22. Brian W.
  23. Joe & Tina
  24. Bill H
  25. Doug & Randi
  26. Kelly & Neil
  27. Gail & Bill
  28. Greg D.
  29. David & Lori
  30. Dan & Tami S.
  31. Bill A.
  32. Lorrie S.
  33. Wayner P.
  34. Jim & Logan
  35. Michael & Ida Mary W.
  36. Gene H.
  37. Jean & Claudia J.
  38. Jim T.
  39. Tom McC.
  40. Mark E.
  41. Marianne and guest
  42. Gary and Caroline
  43. Barry C
  44. Dawn & Tom H.
  45. Peter B.
  46. Bill D.
  47. Bryan and Lisa
  48. Jay & Rosemary

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Annette and jim

Ken Hill
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Ken and Evan will be there.

Ken Hill
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Mike C
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Mike will attend.

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Wouldn’t miss it!

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Sorry but I will not be able to attend due to a family commitment.

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Michele will be there

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Jerry and Wanda will attend.  Thanks!

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Randy and Wendy will be there

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Please add Celia and Warren 

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I'll be there.

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Please add Tony B and Susan

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I will be there


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Beth and Gary will be there!

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