Underhood fusebox w...

Underhood fusebox wire  


John Matras
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25/11/2019 3:47 pm  

Looks like I have the first tech help request on the new forum. I managed to blow the main 80A fuse in the underhood fuse box when jumping my '90 after not closing the door completely. I've never had that happen on any car, but I guess having the footwell lights on had something to do with it...or, I'm not sure.

Any, I have to replace the fuse, and that requires removing two 10mm bolts in the fusebox. I did that, put the new fuse in and bolted it down. That's where the mystery begins.

There's a wire with a regular 5A fuse in it that sort of blocks access to the bolt on one side, and in getting to the bolt, I managed to pull the wire lose...without seeing where it was connected. And now, despite being relatively intelligent, I cannot find where it was plugged in.

I've searched the internet and not found anything. The Mazda parts illustration only has a line drawing of the wrong side of the fuse box. The fuse box lid which shows where all the fuses are doesn't show the wire removed link No where can I find anything.

Is anyone familiar with the the fuse box and that silly little wire?


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