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2017 “Fiata” 6MT for sale see( not mine - passing along)

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Went to test drive a Kia Stinger in NJ and saw this. It’s the first used “Fiata” I have ever seen for sale..

Don’t know the mileage or price but I snapped some pics and peeked in the window and it is indeed a 6MT in a paint color I have never seen before, IIRC the owner told me it was a 2017:

(Notice the blue Stinger GT parked toward the front in the photo about 20 yards ahead - I test drove it and the twin turbo 3.3 liter v6 feels more like a naturally aspirated V8 - but that’s for another story).


Here’s the dealer info of where it’s at if anyone’s interested, this the owner of the used car dealer, if anyone is interested - from what I saw it was MINT:

That’s all the info I have. Again just passing along as I’ve never ever seen a used one for sale in person. Only brand new at the dealer. 

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